Frequently Asked Questions

What is PatMyBack?

PatMyBack is an online rewards system for schools that allows teachers to award PatPoints to students doing well in and out of class. It allows students to track their own progress and view a year group league table if the school wishes. Motivating Rewards are added to the system that can be applied for in return for PatPoints and it allows parents to view their child’s progress and pledge a reward of their own. It replaces a traditional paper based system enabling greater visability to students, parents and teachers.

How does it work?

PatMyBack enables teachers to award PatPoints to students for good conduct or positive achievement. Positive achievement is celebrating by spending PatPoints on Rewards added by the school. The school has complete control over Rewards budgets and the type of awards added to the system. Please see the Rewards FAQ below for examples.

To increase student motivation and encourage parental engagement in their child’s academic performance parents can pledge their own Rewards.

Who benefits from it?

The system benefits students, teaches and parents alike. It helps teachers and parents to motivate students and record and celebrate positive achievement.

How does it help students?

PatMyBack helps students by giving them goals to work towards, so that they make a positive change in their behaviour, attitude, effort and academic achievements. It celebrates all kinds of success and shares each student’s achievements with their peers, parents, teachers and school, instilling self-worth, encouraging positive competition and building confidence. Watch our student video to find out how students have benefited from PatMyBack.

How do parents benefit from PatMyBack?

Pat My Back provides a way for parents to be a part of positive change in their child's efforts, behaviour and attitude in the school environment, by allowing them to motivate, track and reward the achievements of their child.

How useful is it to teachers?

Through acknowledging and rewarding positive effort, achievement and behaviour, PatMyBack helps teachers and schools to develop a motivational and aspirational learning environment. Watch our teacher video to find out how teachers have benefited from PatMyBack.

Does PatMyBack work on tablets and mobiles?

We believe teachers should be able to award PatPoints and students should be able to check their progress at any time so PatMyBack has been optimised to work on tablets and mobiles including iPhones and iPads and all modern mobile browsers.

How much does it cost?

PatMyBack is priced extremely competitively on a per student annual subscription basis. Please contact us at for price.

What does the annual cost include?
  • One year PatMyBack system licence
  • Brand re-skin of the system to include your school and house logos and colours
  • Domain name purchase ( and hosting
  • Initial import of teacher / student data and system set-up
  • Telephone and email support
  • Monthly Google Analytics report
  • Annual system upgrades and enhancements
Are there additional costs?

There are no additional costs to use the PatMyBack system and schools have complete flexibility over Rewards expenditure.

Is it easy to use?

Ease of use and intuitive functionality have been at the forefront of all decisions when designing and building PatMyBack, so whether you are a student, teacher or parent, you’ll find the system instinctive and user-friendly.

For example, teachers use an innovative drag and drop system to award PatPoints. They select a class name and are presented with a list of students. Then they simply drop a student name into a category and choose the number of PatPoints to award and add a comment, if required. This can be done easily and effectively in class or at a later time.

Sign up for students, parents and teachers is simple and uses standard processes found on many popular websites.

Please view our demo video or request a username and password to use the demo system for yourself.

How does the school enter the user data?

Student and teacher data is easily imported via a CSV file or Excel Spreadsheet.

For an additonal cost a system tying directly into the school MIS can be employed.

What kind of Rewards can the school add?

Unlike other systems PatMyBack do not tie schools into a predefined reward programme. Rewards do not have to have a monetary value. Students often value free rewards such as a lunchtime queue-jump pass or after-school club as much as they do paid rewards.

In the past schools have posted rewards such as:

  • Domino's Pizza Competition
  • Cinema Movie Card
  • Headphone Prize Draw
  • HMV / Waterstones / iTunes Voucher
  • Get fit for 2012 - 5 Footballs to be won
  • KS3 Movie Club
  • Boxing club - Entry Paid
  • Thorpe Park - Raffle
  • ParaOlympic Tickets
  • 2 week Queue Jump Card
  • Apple Products - iPad Mini, iPod Touch, iPod Shuffle
  • Signed SoccerAM Ball
  • DVD
  • A big bag of sweets

What students using PatMyBack are saying

'What I like PatMyBack is you get rewarded for good behaviour and things like that. Instead of a teacher just saying good job they can give you PatPoints. It's working really well as you can see everyones getting a lot of PatPoints and it's really encouraging and making everyone behave well.'

Sam, Year 10, KTC

Students love PatMyBack

PatMyBack means that when you do something well at school, you'll know about it.

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Parents benefit
from PatMyBack

PatMyBack provides a way for parents to be a part of positive change in their child's schooling

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Teachers award PatPoints

PatMyBack helps teachers & schools develop a motivational and aspirational learning environment.

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Schools benefit
from PatMyBack

PatMyBack offers a platform for schools, teachers and parents to bring positive change to students.

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"Students respond really well to PatMyBack. You can feel them working harder and they really want to earn PatPoints and really appreciate recognition for work done well. I like the fact it's so easy to use and you can write comments and let students know exactly what you've giving them PatPoints for."

Ms Allen