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Sam, a student, talks about a Parent Pledge

Anthony introduces the stuedent reward system


PatMyBack provides a way for parents to be a part of positive change in their child's achievements, behaviour and attitude in the school environment.

As a PatMyBack parent, you can login online and set goals for your child to work towards, motivate them to maintain their effort for a whole term or school year and reward them when they achieve these targets. PatMyBack also provides a systematic way for you to track your child's progress at school focussing on their positive achievements.

Pledging Rewards

All children are eligible to win Rewards pledged by the school, however, by pledging your own rewards you can add an extra spur of motivation and show your child that their positive achievements at school are worthy of recognition by you, their parent.

Rewards can be anything from a computer game, ticket to the football or iTunes voucher, to a fun weekend excursion or a night off household chores. Rewards do not have to have a monetary value, but in order to motivate your child to achieve their best, it's important that they have a value to your child.

Want to find out how your child is doing beyond the grades in their school report? Take a look at the types of PatPoints awarded to your child and their teacher's comments.

Not sure what would incentivise your child? Take a look at the Rewards on your child's wish list.

Want to know how other children are doing? View the league table of the top 50 students in your child's year.

By logging in to your Parent Account you can:

  • view a complete record of your child's positive achievements
  • view awarded PatPoints and teacher comments
  • view your child's reward Wish List
  • pledge a Reward to motivate your child

Every parent wants to see their child achieve the best they can at school. PatMyBack lets you be a part of this and make it happen.

What students using PatMyBack are saying

'What I like PatMyBack is you get rewarded for good behaviour and things like that. Instead of a teacher just saying good job they can give you PatPoints. It's working really well as you can see everyones getting a lot of PatPoints and it's really encouraging and making everyone behave well.'

Sam, Year 10, KTC

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"Students respond really well to PatMyBack. You can feel them working harder and they really want to earn PatPoints and really appreciate recognition for work done well. I like the fact it's so easy to use and you can write comments and let students know exactly what you've giving them PatPoints for."

Ms Allen