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Anthony introduces the stuedent reward system


Through acknowledging and rewarding positive effort, achievement and behaviour, PatMyBack helps teachers and schools to develop a motivational and aspirational learning environment.

PatMyBack offers a common platform for schools, teachers and parents to work together in bringing about long-lasting positive change in students.

An attendance upload module allows PatPoints to be awarded easily for students with a positive attendance record.

PatMyBack is not tied to a predefined reward scheme, meaning schools can set the level of Rewards within its individual budget. From breaktime DVD clubs or canteen queue-jump cards to educational visits or the latest gadgets, rewards can be whatever shape, size and value suits the school and the achievement.

By focussing on aspects like attitude and focus, and life skills such as effort and helpfulness, as well as academic achievement, PatMyBack helps to instil in students a sense of self-motivation and drive that will carry through into their adult lives.

What's more, every child has the chance to be recognised for their individual achievements regardless of their academic level, encouraging each child to consistently achieve the best they can in all areas of their school life and beyond.

What students using PatMyBack are saying

'What I like PatMyBack is you get rewarded for good behaviour and things like that. Instead of a teacher just saying good job they can give you PatPoints. It's working really well as you can see everyones getting a lot of PatPoints and it's really encouraging and making everyone behave well.'

Sam, Year 10, KTC

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"Students respond really well to PatMyBack. You can feel them working harder and they really want to earn PatPoints and really appreciate recognition for work done well. I like the fact it's so easy to use and you can write comments and let students know exactly what you've giving them PatPoints for."

Ms Allen